1.Analysis Of Unsatisfactory Category Of 1601 Cases Of Breast Cytology – An Institutional StudyBhushan M. Warpe
2.Increased Prevalence Of Dermographism, Filariasis, Mosquito Borne Diseases And Rising Environmental Estrogen Equating With Aborted Blood, Contraceptive Menstrual Blood PollutionElizabeth JeyaVardhini Samuel, Gouthaman Thiruvenkadam, Sanjoy Joseph George, Pradhosh Mammen Vairamon, Susan Philip Tony Jawahar, Dinesh Peter, Jobin John, Binoj David
3.Relevance Of Various Fungicides For The Control Of Powdery Mildew Leaf Spot Disease Of Niger (Guizotia Abyssinica Cass) Under South Gujarat RegionPrashant B. Sandipan, P. K. Jagtap, M. C. Patel
4.Optimization And Mapping Of The Process Of Tariff Determination By The Electricity Regulator’s In Context Of Indian Power SectorAshok Upadhyay
5.The Burden Of Nutritional Anaemia Among Adolescent Girls In Muzaffarpur District Of BiharDr. Jayashree
6.Pollutant Levels Of The Lake Water In Lake “TADIE”Peter Abum Sarkodie, Antoinette Adzi, Collins Kuffour
7.Voice Activated Traffic Management System Using Apr 9600 Based On Embedded SystemSivasankari.S.A, Vimal Kumar.M, Lavanya.G
8.A Novel Loaded-Resonant Converter For The Application Of Solar (DC) -TO-DC Energy ConversionsM. Pradeep Kumar, B. Balasubba Reddy
9.Recognition Of Proximity And Phantom Nodes In Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksK. Jhansi Madhavi, Ms. N. Sujatha Kumari
10.Design And Development Of Embedded System Based Multimedia SteganographyN. Spandana, Mr. M. Jagadeesh Babu
11.High Reliability And Efficiency Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter For Grid-Connected Photovoltaic SystemsKavya Gundagani, Nagendra Babu V, Srinivas Rao G, Dr. Srujana A
12.Constant Log BCJR Turbo Decoder With Pipelined ArchitectureAiswarya .S, Ragimol