1.Heavy Metals Concentration At Dumpsites And The Potential Effects On The Environment: A Case Study Of Abokobi And Sarbah Dumpsites, Accra Metropolitan Area, GhanaRichard Antwako Adu
2.Big Data Analytics With R And HadoopCh. Shobha Rani
3.Model Based Estimation Of Turmeric Yield Response To Saline Groundwater IrrigationTeddy Kizza, Muddu Sekhar, Sudhakar M. Rao, Laurent Ruiz
4.Diversity Of Tree Species At An Ancient Hill Fort Of Gwalior City, IndiaArbeen Ahmad Bhat, Bishnu K. Sharma, Ashok K. Jain
5.A Wave Of Change In The Banking Sector Through IoTLavanya KN
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7.Insight Into The Behaviour And Concept Of Helical Anchor FoundationsDr. Siddhartha Sengupta
8.Natural Way To Unclog Your Arteries And Lower The Cholesterol LevelBhore Kranti V., Tole Shobha B., Dr Patil Shivanand M.
9.Thermodynamic Study Of Acid Catalysed Oxidation Of Sulphur Containing Amino Acids By Oxo (Salen) Chromium (V) IonM. R. K. Hemalatha, T. K. Ganesan