1.A Study On Postpartum Depression On Women Attending OPD In A Rural Hospital Of Dewas District In Madhya Pradesh, IndiaDr Ruchi Jessica Dutta
2.Low Power Transition Delay Fault Pattern GenerationR. Prasanth, M. Srinivasan
3.Synergetic CRN And ARN Technique Among UAV Connectivity In Wireless Sensor NetworkP. Aishwarya, M. Ramnath, M. Kingsley Peter
4.Analysis And OSPF Behaviour Performance Of IPV6 Enterprice Network In Different EnvironmentS. G. Subramanian, G. Kannan, S. Lillypet, P. Geetha, G. Prathiba
5.Synthesis And Characterization Of Resin Copolymer Derived From Cardanol-Furfural/ Formaldehyde-Heterocyclic Compounds Like 8- Hydroxy QuinolineA. Panda, J.Ch. Pal, S. K. Pattanaik, Dr. B. Pr. Sahu, Dr. S. K. Swain
6.Synthesis And Characterization Of Resin Copolymers Derived From Cardanol-Formaldehyde – Urea/ThioureaJ. Ch. Pal, A. Panda, S. K. Pattanaik, Dr. B. Pr. Sahu, Dr. S. K. Swain
7.Solar Assisted Electric Auto RickshawMr. Pravin Ghate, Snehal Gat, Sayali Bhandare
8.High-Performance Digital Design Using Efficient Flip-FlopD. Manoranjitham, M. Karthikkumar, K. Praveen Kumar
9.Design Of A Waste Treatment Facility For Ogburugbu Area, Abakpa Nike, Enugu, NigeriaChijioke E. O., Nwagbara A. O., Iloeje A. F.
10.Friend Recommending Peer To Peer File Sharing And Synchronization ApplicationKharade Varsha, Jagtap Sandhyarani, Pawar Yojana, More Umesh, Prof. Belsare P. P.
11.Travel Package Recommendation SystemR. Siva Ranjane, R. Vidhya
12.Heavy Metal Toxicity In Inorganic Fertilizer Used In South Eastern NigeriaEke Ugorji Iheanacho, Stephen Chinwendu, Josiah Goodness.O, Ukpabi Chibueze.F
13.Chemical Composition Of Carica Papaya Flower (Paw-Paw)Stephen Chinwendu. Ukpabi, Emmanuel O., Chukwu Henry C., Ezikpe Chizaram
14.Biochemical Changes In Peroxidase And Ascorbate In The Adrenal Of Rabbit During PregnancyDr. Shobha Chaturvedi, Dr. Raksha Modi
15.“The Evolution Of Big Data As A Research And Development”Dr. Birendra Goswami, Pradip Kumar Chandra
16.Low Power 8x8 Bit CMOS Multiplier Using 65nm TechnologySona Rani, Ajay Kumar
17.Improve The Working Of Journal Bearing Using Inner Surface AppearanceChandresh P. Rana, Kunal Sharma
18.To Reduce The Complexity Of FIR Filters Using Different Algorithms – A ReviewSandeep Kaur, Er. Sangeet Pal Kaur
19.Synthesis, Growth And Characterisation Of Colourful Metallo-Organic Crystals: Glycine Nickel ChlorideS. Sudha, M. Suresh, K. Suresh
20.Implementation Of QoS In Distributed Route Allocating Protocol In Ad-Hoc And Framework NetworkR. Logeshwari, Niharika Sharma, Sagar
21.Design Of A Hybrid CMOS On-Chip High Voltage GeneratorPriya Singh, Nidhi Beniwal
22.Traditional Benign Therapies (TBT) Of Natural Medicines To Treat Different DiseasesDr. Ch. Srinivasa Prasadacharyulu
23.New Method To Find Analytic FunctionKundan Kumar
24.Implementation Of Real Time Monitoring And Control System For Induction MotorK. Kokilavani, Dr. M. Balachandran
25.Performance And Analysis Of Steam Dryer Using Briquetting BiomassMohamed Mustaq.M, Naveen Narbat.K, Vivek.K, Elanseran.K, Ganesh Karthikeyan.M
26.Optimization Of Material Removal Rate Using Electro-Chemical Discharge Machining For Slotting OperationSarang Singh, Shivam Mittal, Jatin Mukheja, Vivek Singh, Mr. Veerendra Kumar A. N.
27.Horizontal Wind Powered Water Pump With Electricity GenerationS. K. Mutkule, P. P. Gorad, A. H. Nikam, S. R. Raut, Prof. G. S. Waghmare
28.Analysing The Performance Of A Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Eliminating Power Quality Issues In Power Distribution NetworkBhaskar Lodh
29.Landslide Monitoring Based On ARM 7Dighe Sagar, Mahanor Vikas, Shinde Yogesh, Vishwasrao Vrushali
30.Effects Of Bi-Herbal Aqueous Extract Of Vernonia Amygdalina (Bitter Leaf) And Gongronema Latifolium (Utazi Leaf) On Alloxan-Induced Diabetic RatsUkpabi, Chibueze F, Stephen, Chinwendu, Onyeji, Maryjane.N, Ezeigbo R, O.
31.Self Potential Anomalies Around Some Communities In Isialangwa South Local Government Of Abia-State; NigeriaDinneya, Obinna Christian, Chukwu, Godwill Uwadinachi