1.Influence Of Land Use On The Properties Of Akure Forest Reserve Aponmu Ondo State, NigeriaOlalekan Ifelola, Aderisola Nusirat Sadiku, Francis Akinyele Faruwa, I.O Onigbinde
2.Effectiveness Of Towns And Industrial Structures In Preparing For DisastersImmaculate Khabetsa Imboba, Dr. Stanely O. Omuterema, Dr. Edmond Were
3.Design & Development Of A Secure Multi-Owner Cloud Computing Architecture A. Mallareddy, P. Sravanthi, Ch. Kirthi, Prof. Dr. G. Manoj Someswar
4.Structural Improvement Of Dental X-Ray For Human IdentificationMahammad Sajjad Bijapur, Venkata Sumana C H
5.A Study On The Vegetative And Osmolyte Accumulation Of Capsicum Frutescens L. Under Zinc StressJa’afar, U, Aliero A.A.
6.Modelling And Simulation Of A Two Wheeled Reconnaissance Jumping RobotVaibhav U. Vernekar, I. Sridhar
7.Line-Of-Sight And Volumetric Analyses For Yola – Jimeta Route Design Using Geographic Information SystemA. A. Musa, A. N. Jatong
8.Rapid Vaccine Identification In Microbial Genomes – An In Silico Approach With Special Reference To Chikungunya VirusSujatha P L, Kumarasamy P, Preetha S P
9.Effect Of Osmoticum Like Sucrose On Membrane Activities Of Germinating Embryo During Seed Germination Of Vigna RadiataDr Rajkumar Chakraborty, Prof Rup Kumar Kar
10.An Object-Based Image Analysis Method To Discriminate Objects Resulting From Clearing, Removal And Excavation Of Landscapes At The Construction Site Using Landsat-8 Oli Images Of AbujaYahaya Usman Badaru, Yakubu Mohammed Nassir, Musa Yakubu, Richard Olumuyiwa Akinroye
11.Discriminating Building Density Using Maximium Likelihood Classification Algorithms Of The Federal Capital City Abuja, NigeriaYahaya Usman Badaru, Yakubu Mohammed Nassir, Richard Olumuyiwa Akinroye
12.A Study On Resource Depletion Attacks At The Routing Protocol Layer With Suitable Modifications To Ensure SurvivabilityA. Sandeep Reddy, A. Hanuman Prasad, Prof. Dr. G. Manoj Someswar
13.Robust Voice Activity Detection And Denoising Directed By Noise ClassificationAjith Kumar S, Harisha G C
14.Vibrational Spectroscopic (FTIR And FT-Raman) Studies, HOMO LUMO Analysis, NMR Chemical Shifts And Electrostatic Potential Surface Of 2, 3-DibromofuranS. Seshadri, Rasheed .M.P, R. Sangeetha
15.Design And Finite Element Analysis On Car Seat Height Screw Adjuster Using Autodesk InventorBankole I. Oladapo, Balogun A. Vincent, Augustine O. Oke, Esoso A. Agbor
16 Bioremediation Of Laundry Ink Using Soil MicrofloraRatnaparkhi P. S., Shevade S., Jalan M.
17.Molecular Characterization Of Endophytic Bacteria Capable Of Nitrogen Fixation Isolated From Young Parkia Roxburghii Plant Of Manipur, India R. K. Suraj Singh, P. B. Mazumder
18.Simulation Of Diurnal Change Of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence And Absorbed PAR Using SCOPE Model Ujjwal Singh, Liangyun Liu
19.Evaluation Of Multiple Classifiers System With Dimension Reduction Method Of Hyperspectral Image Classification For Land Cover MappingUjjwal Singh, Kanhaiya Lal
20.Risk Assessment In Construction ManagementArati Chougule, Ashish Waghmare
21.Assessment Of Phytochemical, Proximate And Mineral Composition Of Cantharellus Subalbidus (Mushroom) From A Farm In Ukpo, Anambra State, NigeriaI. O. Okerulu, F. O. Obumselu, P. A. C. Okoye, P. N. Ekemezie