1.Numerical Simulations Of Water-Gas Flow In Porous Media By Using Finite Volume MethodR. Jayalakshmi
2.A Position Based Energy Efficient Clustering In WSNB. Pravallika, G.Vijay Kumar
3.Alignment Of Information Technology (IT) And Business In Business SectorsPrasang Aggarwal
4.Some Results On Invariant Submanifolds In An Indefinite Trans-Sasakian Manifold-IINanditha S Matad
5.Microfinance Clients' Awareness Index: A Measure Of Awareness And Skills Of Microfinance ClientsDr. M. K. Purushothama, RABINA
7.Design And Development Of Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablet Of Pantoprazole By Using Tamarind Seed PowderDaivashala V. Bhave, Shobha B. Tole, Dr. Shivanand M. Patil
8.Mechanical Characterization Of Banana Fiber Reinforced With Polyester CompositesT. John babu, M. Khaja Gulam Hussain
9.A fresh perspective on Energy efficiency in building materials in Indian contextRajesh Malik