1.A Review On Optimization & Reliability Assessment Of Water Distribution NetworkDevendra Dohare, Piyush Badonia
2.A Study On Aluminum Matrix And Various Reinforcements Of Composites Processed By Stir Casting MethodS. Venkatesan, M. Anthony Xavior
3.Behavior Of Porous Bearings Under Second Order Rotatory Theory Of Hydrodynamic LubricationDr. Mohammad Miyan
4.Mechanism For Mounting Multiple Databases Over Universally Sharable InstanceIndu Sekhar .A, G. Narsimha
5.Determination Of The Total Waste By Mass Generated From Ogburugbu Area, Abakpa Nike, Enugu, NigeriaChijioke E. O., Nwagbara A. O.
6.An Overview Of On-Chip Bus Architecture Related To BridgeBhankhar Dhvani, Shah Ayushi
7.Design And Analysis Of Processing Elements For Portable SystemsS. Venkatramana, P. Samulu
8.Ramanujan’s Life And His Contributions In The Field Of MathematicsG K Patil
9.A Survey On Boost Derived Hybrid Converter For Simultaneous DC And AC ApplicationsR. Reeba, R. Kalai Selvi, A. Brindhu Kumari